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Railway Casting

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Railway Casting is an important part of the railway train. As a holistic engineering structure, the track is laid on the roadbed and plays a guiding role in train operation, directly bearing the tremendous pressure of the rolling stock and its load. Under the power of train operation, its various components must have sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the train runs safely, smoothly and without interruption according to the specified maximum speed.
The main products of our Railway Casting products are: train and railway castings, railway investment casting and railway lost wax castings. Our Railway Casting can be applied to trains and railway equipment. The surface of the product is treated with KTL (Electronic Coating), galvanized, mirror polished, sand blasting, etc. It has superior pressure resistance and shape retention ability.
If you are looking for China railway casting manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Qianhao Metal, we are professional at railway casting supply.