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Lost Wax Casting for Other Machinery

Lost Wax Casting for Other Machinery

Our investment casting foundry has been using the lost wax casting process for serial production, more and more complicated machinery metal casting parts been steadily supply and automatic production since 1992.

Product Details

Product Pictures

风电用管套bushing for wind power副本.png

bushing for wind power

钢筋连接头cast head  for rebar.png

cast head for rebar

高压管卡 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡2 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡3 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡5 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡6 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡7 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡8 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

高压管卡9 Hydro-Power Clamp副本.png

Hydro-Power Clamp

弓形棒(bail bar)副本.png

bail bar

管接头Pipe Fittings.png

Pipe Fittings

管卡 Pipe Clamp副本.png

Pipe Clamp

管卡2 Pipe Clamp.png

Pipe Clamp

管卡2 Pipe Clamp副本.png

Pipe Clamp

管卡3 Pipe Clamp.png

Pipe Clamp

管卡Pipe Clamp.png

Pipe Clamp

环形吊钩Loop Bergman.png

Loop Bergman



机器人焊机零件(密封盖)sealing cover of robot welding machinery副本.png

sealing cover of robot 

welding machinery

机器人焊机零件(支撑座)support seat of robot welding machinery副本.png

support seat of robot welding 


机械零件Machinery Component副本.png

Machinery Component

机械铸件2 machinery casting.png

machinery casting

机械铸件3  machinery casting.png

machinery casting

机械铸件4  machinery casting.png

machinery casting

机械铸件5  machinery casting.png

machinery casting

机械铸件machinery casting.png

machinery casting

建筑用零件 component for construction副本.png

component for construction

建筑用零件(把手) handle for construction.png

handle for construction

建筑用零件2 component for construction副本.png

component for construction

建筑用零件3 component for construction副本.png

component for construction

建筑用零件4 component for construction副本.png

component for construction

建筑用零件5 component for construction副本.png

component for construction



连接管annectent pipe.png

annectent pipe

Product Description

MaterialCarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
ProcessLost wax casting + cnc machining
Casting dimension toleranceCT7-CT8
Casting surface roughnessRa 12.5um
Casting weight range0.1-90kg
Casting SizeMax linear size: 1200mm, Max diameter size: 600mm
Machining PrecisionPositioning accuracy 0.008mm, Reppositionaccuracy 0.006mm
Machining surface roughnessRa0.8~6.3um
Max Travel Of Spindle1800mmx850mmx700mm
Max Turning Diameter1000mm
Material standardGB, ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, JIS, NF, AS, AAR.......
Surface treatmentKTL(E-coating), Zinc plating, Mirror Polishing, Sand Blasting, Acid pickling,  black oxide, Painting, Hot galvanizing,Powder coating, Nickel plating.
Service availableOEM & ODM
Quality control0 defects,100% inspection before packing
ApplicationTrain & railway, automobile& truck, construction machinery, forklift, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, valve and pumps, electric machine, hardware, power equipment and so on.
KeywordsInvestment casting, steel casting, precision casting

Company Profile

Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and finished products in carbon steel and alloy steel, our company is a world class manufacturer and supplier of investment castings in China. It consists of 2 major facilities, both steel casting foundry and CNC machining factory which enable us to supply both precision castings and finished products with an annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons, and the products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Our foundry is equipped with several modern types of energy-saving; environmentally-friendly production lines including a fully automated wax and shell making process flow line, as well as two mesh belt furnace heat treatment production lines. The machining factory is located in Longxing headquarters and is fully equipped with complete and advanced CNC machining equipment including 20 vertical and horizontal machining centers and more than 30 NC machines, the machining facility is fully independent from the casting foundry. In addition to the casting, forging and machining, it also has the facility to machine various  profiles.

Key Casting and Machining Equipment


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