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The Characteristics Of Valve Casting Process

Ningbo Qianhao Metal Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

  The characteristics of valve casting process

  Compared with other gray iron casting process, the valve casting manufacturing process has the following characteristics:

  ① valve casting manufacturing process and inspection process is more complex.

  Valve casting blank is a complex structure called thin-walled shell pieces. The castings require a smooth surface, cast a word clear, especially to have a dense defect. In order to meet the above requirements, casting should take a series of technical measures, such as the use of high refractibility modeling materials and control of sand water, modeling should be layered to fight to ensure sand hardness, the use of reasonable cap system and strict control Pouring speed and temperature. Due to the high technical requirements, the casting process of the valve casting is much more complicated than the general casting.

  In addition, the valve casting in addition to check the size, location accuracy and appearance, and some have for the microstructure, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and non-destructive testing and other tests, so the valve casting inspection process is more complex.

  ② valve casting on the machine to install more difficult

  Valve casting structure, the shape is more complex, some parts are thin, slender pieces, poor rigidity. When machining on the machine, positioning and clamping are more difficult, so often require complex special fixture.

  Some valve parts, positioning base surface of the lower accuracy, high surface roughness, and sometimes even the use of non-processing surface positioning. And the processing of sealing surface and other parts of the accuracy and surface roughness requirements are very high, it is difficult to ensure the quality of processing. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the process, often have to improve the accuracy of the positioning surface and reduce the surface roughness, or in the non-processing surface processing of the positioning surface, which increases the complexity of the valve manufacturing process.

  ③ difficult to machine processing

  Due to the wide variety of valve materials castings, in addition to a variety of cast iron, carbon steel, most of its high strength, corrosion resistance and high hard material cutting performance are poor, it is difficult to achieve the required parts of the processing accuracy and surface roughness The The valve casting sealing surface geometric shape accuracy and surface roughness requirements are high, thus increasing the difficulty of the valve casting machining. At the same time, the valve casting material cutting performance is poor, but also to the valve casting processing methods, tool materials, cutting the amount of technology and equipment, and so brought a lot of new problems.

  Valve casting manufacturing process characteristics, the valve casting manufacturing process and inspection process is more complex, the valve casting on the machine to install more difficult, the valve casting machining difficult.