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Basic knowledge of the forklift truck differential mechanism

Ningbo Qianhao Metal Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

1. forklift front axle differential role: the main transmission shaft is the torque, allowing the two axles without constant rotation, to meet the left and right wheels are not equal to the rotation requirements.

    2. Common forklift differential structure: mainly by the shell, planetary gears (cross shaft and four umbrella gear to form), planetary axle, axle gear, adjust the gasket, axle and so on.

    3. forklift differential works: mainly by a few gears, disk gears, planetary gears, driven gears to organize, mainly the use of planetary gear rotation and can turn the principle of conversion of the actual difference The role of rotation to achieve the turn and rotation.

    4. When the forklift in a straight line, the planetary gear does not turn (equal to the left and right together as a whole), there is no role in the differential.

    5. forklift front axle differential classification: cone wheel (umbrella) structure, the structure of the cylindrical wheel, twisted and not twisted, etc., the current forklift on the use of more widely used four planets Gears (umbrella gears to the composition), the structure of the torsion to the composition of the differential.

    6. When the forklift in the turning, the planetary gear can revolve and can rotate, (rotation can eliminate the wheel part of the side of the axle gear power to the side gear (or stop) to play the role of differential The

    7. Anti-skid differential: the main use of forced locking (half-axis) and automatic locking (half-axis) two, ordinary differential with a differential lock to complete.