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Construction Machinery Castings

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Our Construction Machinery Castings mainly include cast steel, bucket tooth, and earthmoving machinery for construction machinery and mining machinery.
Cast steel for construction machinery and mining machinery is manufactured from the unique process of core castings, with the strongest flexibility and variability to meet the needs of different projects.
The bucket tooth is an important component on the excavator. It belongs to the wearing part and is a combination of the tooth holder and the tooth tip. The two are connected by the pin shaft. The teeth we provide are precision cast and have excellent wear resistance.
Earthmoving machinery casting is one of the essential engineering machinery castings in earthmoving machinery. It can be widely used in mining, shovel, pushing or leveling mechanical applications such as soil and sand.
If you are looking for China construction machinery castings manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Qianhao Metal, we are professional at construction machinery castings supply.